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Foxxxy Laydeeez

Owner of Foxxxy Laydeeez answers the question:

             Is Foxxxy Laydeeez different from the others?

I worked in the adult entertainment industry for many years. Remembering back, I wish I had a Foxxxy Laydeeez to depend on!!!!! Strippers work very hard every day, they are up on that stage doing a full workout more several times in a shift and by the time the shift is over, they are exhausted… And just before they finally reach the door to go home, they have to hand over a good portion of their money.

When I was still dancing, I was amazed how few people realized that dancers do not make an hourly wage, in fact; they have to pay the club to work there!!!! These girls have to pay almost a third of what they made to the club. Oh and don’t forget about the DJ’s tip so she isn’t dancing to “Rue Paul” the next shift.  Then the waitress (sometimes two) is waiting for her tip too.  Of course, you have to tip the waitress, well unless you want her to announce to future customers that the Cranberry Mixer just bought to you, is nothing more than water. (And costs $10) And… unless you are in the mood to be pawed, slobbered on and manhandled, better tip those floor walkers too!

After everyone is taken care of, what at first looked like a very prosperous evening, leaves you feel a little robbed.  To top it all off you realize its 2 am, and there isn’t a good chance a store is open so you can buy a new much needed outfit.

How many of you can relate? I’m sure a good portion! I complained about this same scenario with over a dozen other girls on a regular basis! But the story gets better!

You make it to a day off and go shopping.  After shop hopping for hours, finally you find (not the perfect outfit) but as close as you are going to come to perfect. The cashier rings up your sale. The outfit that is made up of a patch of fabric and some elastic is going to cost you $120. You hand over the money but resentfully think, “Wonder if this one will fall apart before the end of the week?”

Wait… story still continues. When you get home and try on your new outfit, the bottoms are big and the top is too small. F*!@!!!!!! No returns on intimate apparel!! Now what…. In the trash it goes!

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About Foxxxy Laydeeez

Foxxxy Laydeeez is an adult store featuring a large selection of sex toy products; including personal care items, adult novelties, sexy clothing and lingerie and sex toys for men and women.

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  1. Hi Foxxxy! Thanks for the follow – I love your blog topic, of course. Very interested in everything you have to say – I can relate!

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