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My first tip!!! $4

So we left off at the manager asking me what I planned to audition in…

The manageimagesr walked me to the dressing room, which was located through the back, outside in a trailer. He introduced me to one of the three girls working and asked her to explain things to me since I had never done this before. Eagerly the girl agreed and dove right into everything faster than I could keep up.

Finally, she asked me if I would like to borrow an outfit for my audition. I was trying to take it all in! What had I gotten myself into? And hell no I am not wearing your used underwear for… wait what was I doing again? Before I knew it, I was in my bra and panties standing in front of a jukebox trying to figure out what the hell I was going to take my clothes off to. I chose two songs and put the two-dollar bill the manager gave me in the machine. Now everything after this was like a cut scene in slow motion and I remember it like this…

***Cue Aerosmith, ‘Dream On’*** Barefoot, I climbed the stairs to the small stage. Luckily, the lights blinded me and I couldn’t see t the audience (which only consisted of the manager, two of the girls on shift and the third giving a private dance to the only customer in the place behind a curtain). I felt a little light headed and wished I had taken the drink when the manager offered earlier. I thought for a second I might faint and fall off the stage… ‘wait can I sue if I get injured?’ FOCUS!

I always wondered what the pole was for, now I knew and was thankful for helping me keep from collapsing. My brain tried to recall every scene I could remember from any movie I had seen with bedroom dancing (which did not amount to much).

***End of song, cue Tom Petty, ‘Mary Jane’s Last Dance’ (the only two songs I recognized on the jukebox)

Top is off (how’d that happen?)… While I continued rolling around on the floor, the manager walked up to the stage, laid two $2 on the stage and mouthed bottoms off now.  And so it was. I was feeling very naked, then my brain came to speed, I was naked!!! The manager approached the stage again, this time no tip and mouthed “see me at the bar after you’re dressed” then he was gone. The song seemed to take twenty minutes to finish, then I was dressed and at the bar before I knew it.

I wondered if I was really that horrible… I wasn’t very impressed by the other girls which I only got a glimpse or two of. I thought I did at least as good as they were doing.

“See you on Thursday…” the manager shouted across the bar, but I must have looked puzzled because after a second he added… “I would have you work tomorrow but you need to get a sheriff’s card first and you need sign a contract. Club opens at noon, don’t be late and I will waive the stage fee.”

I stared at him a second longer before he continued… “Since this is your first time, I will let you get by wearing bra and panties but please make sure they match… even better if you have a bikini but we prefer something a little more professional.” (Yeah because this is such a busy, high-class place, right?) I nodded my head, still dazed a little. “One week… then I expect you to have a variety of nice costumes…”  (Again, yeah since this is a busy, classy place that I am going to make thousands in. And probably all in two dollar bills right?).

Well at least I have a job…. Oh shit, how am I going to explain this to my husband? I didn’t know how he was going to feel about me taking my clothes off for total strangers in exchange for $2. Couldn’t worry about that now, I was employed and if my husband had a problem with my new line of work, well he could get a job…. Ha! With that logic he would be more than thrilled I was taking my clothes off for cash!



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