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… So now educated by my ‘Sensei’ I was now on a mission to find the perfect stilettos. I had done all right at work that day (at least in my naïve opinion) after pay out at the club I had about $40 to spend on shoes.  I would have never guessed it would be so hard to find a shoe store that carried stripper shoes! Naïve little Foxxxy was actually shocked when Payless told her they did not carry such a shoe! Hey give me a break, I had only been in my new career a total of four days and I was a still young and dumb…

Finally, I found a stripper shoe store (ironically) right next to the store I bought my costume at. (How’d I miss it there the other day?). See, I have come to find that anytime you are in a store and the merchandise does not have a price tag clearly showing the price, you automatically should assume the item is expensive; however, I had not come up on such wisdom at the time, so I wound up killing about 45 minutes waiting for someone to help me. I know the store was really busy with the one customer waiting for help and all but 45 minutes, really?

I damn near fainted when she told me the shoe I was holding was on sale for $220. “I’ll be back…” and I rushed out the door. Can heels really make that much of a difference???

I managed to make it through my first week at the job… I was ecstatic that I made almost $400 for my first week! (Again Foxxxy was naïve back then…) Oh yeah by the way, I say Foxxxy but this was way before Foxxxy existed, funny though, I honestly can’t remember what my stage name was… its not like the juke box needed to know my name,  the club didn’t have a DJ, after all.

I was ready for week two!!!! I was determined… I invested in some stilettos, although not for $220, more like $90. There I was at the club armed with my new investment. It never occurred to me that I may not be able to walk in stripper heels, let alone dance in them…   Costume on…. Face painted…. Hair curled…. Shoes on…. Off to the stage I go…. Whoa!!!! So this is what it’s like to be normal height? Interesting…  Careful, Foxxxy…. Slowly Foxxxy… Made it to the main area! Stage time… Uh oh it’s dark in here… **Aerosmith starts to play** Here’s the wall, I’ll just use it as a guide… KERRRRRRRRRRRRRR SPLAT… Damn, that sucked and with all customers here watching… (That was sarcasms at its finest right there). Good thing my first club was a total dive and no one came there unless they were desperate or a regular for one of the girls. So my pride was not hurt too badly, unfortunately my ankle, knee and wrist were…  Now I was just mad at the stupid club… It hated me so that it spitefully lifted that little piece of carpet up intentionally and tripped me.

So I quit.


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