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Let’s review… needed a job… found a club to hire me… spent $150 on a costume… spent $90 on shoes…. Increased smoking habit $20… gas looking for shoe store $15… week worth of tips for the waitress $30… My actual income was about $80 for baring it all!

****Wow two posts in one day, I am living on the edge!!!****

www.foxxxylaydeeez.comCut my losses and find a different career? No not Foxxxy, Foxxxy must try, try again. Hmmmmmm lets see exactly how many strip clubs are in Vegas…. I will choose one with a better name, one that does not elude Hoes work at it…. Pussycats? No sounds a little too experienced! Cheetah’s? Nope have to be 21 years old, serves alcohol. Wait I just came from a club that had a bar… I didn’t have any problem with age… “Was it a reputable club?” the person on the phone asked.

I assumed that was a rhetorical question and said good-bye. I was half way done with my list and then the little light bulb above my head flickered… The topless clubs serve alcohol so you have to be over 21…. So that means… I felt the smile slink off my face… Next on the list was Striptease… Hey there is a movie named Striptease, it must get lots of business and be awesome!! I walked in for my audition. At first, I stood in the entrance with my mouth open, just staring… It was huge! Look at the stage!!! It was Huge!!! OMG!!! Look at the dressing room! It was Huge!!! Look at the shift schedule! It was Huge!

I was in awe of Striptease and honestly never thought they would actually hire me… with it being Huge and all. They liked Foxxxy and wanted her to stay and work on the spot… Now I need a stage name…. I am so unprepared!!! How about Stephanie? The manager looked at me, looked at my ID, looked back at me and said, “Usually the stage name is different from your real name, you know for privacy purposes and of course your safety…” Oh, ok… hmmmm Paige? And it was so…. Don’t tell anyone but I tricked that manager… Paige is my middle name… lol see now who is laughing???

So for about three months, I practiced and learned and watched… I was doing pretty well, when the manager started strongly suggesting I switch to a night shift. I didn’t want a night shift I wanted to work normal job hours… Another week or two and the manager decided I was going to work nights. I gave it a try… After one night I quit…


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Foxxxy Laydeeez is an adult store featuring a large selection of sex toy products; including personal care items, adult novelties, sexy clothing and lingerie and sex toys for men and women.

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