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Wednesday was finally here, my first day to officially start at Tiny D’s. I already had my hair and makeup done when I got to the club. Club opens at 11 am and I was there by 10:30, ready to go on stage by 10:45 am. Only one problem… no customers… there goes that light bulb again…. No other girls yet either… I am literally here all by myself!!! Off to the stage I went… I danced to music in my head… eyes closed, imagining a crowd of people… song over… ****CLAP CLAP CLAP*** Wow my imagination is good…. My eyes popped open, I almost screamed, there was the DJ sitting center stage…. Awe he even had two dollars on the tip rail for me… how nice, still a little creepy, but at least he was tipping…

The Dj and I talked about the music I dance to, how long I had been dancing, what kind of stage effects I like (stage effects??? Idk surprise me. ) We laughed and I allowed some of my sarcastic personality come through. I was glad to have an ally on my first day at the new club. After a couple of girls came in, I noticed on the white board next to the DJ booth, was the stage rotation list for the girls. The only name on there was Foxxxy… as more girls were ready for the stage, their names were added to the list under Foxxxy… Oh… There is that light bulb again…. Awe… Foxxxy is born….

Before I knew it almost a year went by, and of course, things just couldn’t stay the same… It never fails, every time something is going smoothly and I am content, my world has to be tossed upside down. My DJ was being transferred to a sister club… all kinds of changes were in the works…. Before I knew it Fred was already at the sister club and the new DJ just sucked… I was miserable and told my DJ how miserable I was all the time. I also told him how much his replacement sucked which he didn’t mind so much.

Finally, my DJ suggested I audition at the sister club. They were looking for girls and Tiny D’s was slow. Duh!!! Guess my light bulb burned out… Stripperclub One was more than happy to have me but Tiny D’s did request I return when they were short on girls… No problem here…


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Foxxxy Laydeeez is an adult store featuring a large selection of sex toy products; including personal care items, adult novelties, sexy clothing and lingerie and sex toys for men and women.

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