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Split Personalities

No problem Garters-stockingsat all, until Foxxxy was needed at Tiny D’s a short while later. I clocked in as Foxxxy and was told to pick another name, Foxy was already taken. What?!?!?!? Management are a bunch of idiots, Foxxxy was no longer in the systems at Tiny D’s… Great now what? Can’t remember who, but someone suggested Hennessy. Good of name as any I suppose.

In the grand scheme of things, management was stupider than I originally thought. The urgency for transferring the DJ must have been slightly premature because guess who was needed back at Tiny D’s? This was not necessarily a bad thing, more confusing than anything. Turns out my DJ worked shifts with me at both clubs. Great, now the DJ gets to share my split personality too! Foxxxy at Stripperclub One and

Hennessey at Tiny D’s… easy enough? Yeah right.

We are going to call my DJ Timothy because he hates that name and it annoys him that he lets me get away with calling him that! So a little about Timothy.. He is a kick ass DJ… the BEST!!! He does awesome lighting and smoke effects onstage and keeps the crowd excited. He promotes the girls and offers deals that won’t make the girls work for free and is the trivia king of almost all music, but especially the 80s (my fave). He knows what music to play for the crowd and what to say to get the lame customers enjoying a free show to fess up some tips. Even better, Timothy is not only a great DJ but a great friend too; always makes you to smile no matter how much you don’t want to. So it boils down to simple concepts… Timothy is a good friend! And the best part is that he loves to joke and since we both share a sick sense of humor when it comes to confusing others and Darwinism is the root of our evil!!!

Combine all that with my new stripper split personality and you see sanity is hard to find….


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Foxxxy Laydeeez is an adult store featuring a large selection of sex toy products; including personal care items, adult novelties, sexy clothing and lingerie and sex toys for men and women.

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