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Wrong Club You Freak

Floorwalkers are like bouncers, they walk around making sure everyone is behaving, as they count dances so the girls can’t rob the poor club of money due to them. On day shift, the DJ is the floorwalker. Floorwalkers do not start until 5 pm. Floorwalkers see day split personality'shift girls on stage and probably recognize a few but know every one of the 150 + night shift girls. Sometimes the club picks up around 5 pm and gets busy… it is hard for the DJ to keep track of girls coming on shift while trying to keep an eye on the day girls so they don’t rob him of his hard earned tip. When it starts picking up and the floorwalkers are there, they are supposed to let the DJ know if the girl is in a dance when the DJ checks sound. Check sound is the way the DJ gives the girls a heads up that they are next and they can request specific music. It also gives the floorwalkers the chance to let the DJ know if the next girl is in a private dance and to go onto the next girl. Girls are fined a late stage fee if they are called and do not appear on stage… Therefore, communication is really important. (Thus the reason floorwalkers are tipped very well).

Timothy, a floorwalker and I were goofing off just chatting… when Hennessy (my alter ego) came up. Keep in mind I am at Stripperclub One… Just before Foxxxy is due on stage, I am asked for a private dance. Mid-song, I hear Timothy check sound for ‘Courvoisier.’ Ha Ha Timothy, very funny… like these idiots are gonna know that Hennessy and Courvoisier are both Cognac and figure out you are checking sound for me! Wait a second… FUCK! And we aren’t even at Tiny D’s (WRONG CLUB EINSTEIN!) OK there is about a minute and a half between sets. I can do this.

The guy took forever to tip me… I snatched the money out of his hand and mumbled thanks as I turn to dash for the stage. No time for panties, but shoes were on but not buckled “Heeeeeere’s Foxxxy…” Stumbling, out of breath… don’t forget to smile and look seductive. My face must have had “holy shit” written all over it… And there is Timothy pointing and laughing… as I attempted to look sexy and buckle my shoe… He announces over the mic… ‘sorry Foxxx I was a little confused…’ nodding my head and rolling my eyes I made it through the set and made a decent amount of tips on stage for it too!



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Foxxxy Laydeeez is an adult store featuring a large selection of sex toy products; including personal care items, adult novelties, sexy clothing and lingerie and sex toys for men and women.

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