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Pssst… You Won’t Believe What Foxxxy Did…

I HATE drama. I hate people who cause drama even more…

At the strip club, most of the strippers are in what I call, arrested development. For some reason, no matter how old most strippers are, they seem to be stuck back in grade school. The way strippers gossip is way worse than any game of telephone I can imagine. When a stripper walks by while someone is telling a story, it makes no difference that she does not know the whole story because whatever parts she hasn’t heard, she will just make up as she tells it to another stripper. I believe all strippers should be writers because let me tell you, they are not only avid talkers but more creative than anyone I know…

Another thing they are good at is slightly altering the story so it seems that they were somehow directly involved in situation even when they have absolutely no clue what they’re talking about!!!

There I sat, in Stripperclub One’s dressing room, again… on the wrong side of the vanity, just about to enjoy the lemon chicken in front of me and… NO FORK! Damn it!!! I created a few new words to describe my feeling and spoke them under my breath while looking for something that could be used as a fork… No luck… So I stole Serenity’s fork… (Hey we’ve kissed before no biggy right?)

I sat down and started to eat with one hand and re-curl my hair with the other, when one of the night girls plopped down in the chair next to me. She dramatically sighed and started talking…In my head I wonder why do they always come sit next to me and want to TALK like we know each other??? I continued my rant in my head until I was interrupted by my name…  “and you know Foxxxy? You won’t believe what happened, girl…”

Wait! Whwww.foxxxylaydeeez.comat? Do I know you? I turned in my chair and leaned over a little, “ What about Foxxxy?”

“Well you won’t believe what she was doing in a bedroom dance the other day…”she continued to explain what I did and I just stared at her with my mouth open… Wow, how’d I manage to bend that way? I will have to ask myself and see if I can teach me how to do that!!!

Finally I couldn’t control myself anymore.

“Ummm you do know I AM Foxxxy… Right?”

That shut her up!


About Foxxxy Laydeeez

Foxxxy Laydeeez is an adult store featuring a large selection of sex toy products; including personal care items, adult novelties, sexy clothing and lingerie and sex toys for men and women.

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