Off Topic….. Sort of

In my last post I wrote about the importance of shoes. It has been several years since I have been a stripper and yet shoes are still haunting me. Now, in a marketing position, I am find myself standing all day. Because this is a new job, I have to start out in the field and work my way up to management. In the past, I have more than enough sales experience, never had a problem selling anything before, it was putting up with the customers that caused me problems… and anyone who knows me would tell you Foxxxy has no problem talking!

So, there I am at work, my second day in the field… realizing I would be standing for several hours, I dressed in flats. The day before, I was only doing intro but today I would be pitching, or at least so I thought… So I approach my first customer, get my intro out and turn and burn… Out of the corner of my eye, I see the customer following me back to the booth. I know my pitch inside and out, I feel confident. We reach the both and I open my mouth… “This is our most popular piece…” Wait! Nothing came out… and now there are no thoughts in my head… I’m blank… I look helplessly at the Mage (I call him that because the guy training me is into D & D) and he takes over.

OK, pull it together Foxxxy, Its only natural to have stage fright… never mind that you had no problem getting naked in front of total strangers with no problem, you’ll be fine with the next customer.

By the end of my shift, I had only stumbled through a handful of pitches. Oh this is bad. I discussed my problem with several resources through the day with no help, we were all stumped.

The next day, I wore my heels. Pitched all day long with no problem. Could it be the shoes?

Evidently, my confidence is in my shoes and when I don’t wear my heels, I loose about 4 inches of confidence. So my new dilemma is whether or not coming home every night with swollen, aching feet are worth it!

What other choice do I have?

Shoes really close the deal!!!


Jealous of a Vibrator???

Jealous of a Vibrator?

Really??? Ok how many of you out there have had an issue with your man getting his panties in a bunch because you like your vibrator?

University of Indiana conducted a study that reveals only 37% of men are intimidated by their woman’s vibrator. Still why is there any percent at all?  Some speculate that it is a lack of understanding, others are convinced that men see it as a distraction.

You have to wonder though; can they really be jealous of a plastic object that runs on AA batteries?

Well see, it is just that! The little plastic object can go on and on and on (until batteries need to be changed then in a matter of minutes continue on and on)… this little plastic object is ready and willing at a moment’s notice, it can’t get her pregnant, does a pretty good job getting the ‘job’ done and when she is done it can be put up and not heard from until the next time desire strikes.

Men need to realize (if they haven’t already) that while this vibrator seems to be a wonderful little tool, that is all it is….. a tool!  It won’t cuddle with us, talk to us, take out the garbage or tell us how beautiful we are. Men should embrace this wonderful little tool, not only is it satisfying for the woman but with it, men don’t have to work as hard!

Trust me all you guys out there with a phobia of vibrators, give them a chance you may actually like it more that your woman does!!

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